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Jennifer has a harem...cool. Now what?
my english is no happy but i try is nice
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22nd-Nov-2008 09:38 am - Been a while
How are the ladies doing? How are the non-ladies doing? ;)

I have been insane hectic with work and had hardly any time for play. I am forcing myself to make that not so. Last night I recorded this video... later on today my friends and I are going to go around recording and make a 'real' video. Should be fun.

and just in case you dont have the links and want them...

myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tawneekendall

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/nixrue


11th-Jul-2008 03:44 pm(no subject)
So Jen has gone and deleted her LJ account.
I say we start a petition to get her back or, if that fails, we have some sort of internet funeral.
See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

If anyone on here can dance like this, I want to see it.
18th-May-2008 10:26 am - What I find funny...
I have an odd sense of humor to some people. I do not find stupid stuff funny, nor things that are mocking the subject in some way. A lot of English humor (Mr. Bean) falls into those groups, but we have it with stuff like Dumb and Dumber / Zoolander / etc. But came across a 13 second video that almost cased me to pass out from laughing too hard to breathe:

Since you all seemed to enjoy the last VLOG, I thought I would post this video. Chances are some of it might not make sense, but Steve does a great job of explaining :) Plus you all get to see me again. haha.

Tawnee does another interview!

Steve Hanna, Juniper Networks' distinguished engineer, and I sit down to discuss NAC day at Interop Las Vegas and IF-MAP.
6th-May-2008 12:19 am - another...
Like most sequels, this will not be as good as its predecessor. There was one great line in it however, and as I laughed I thought I would share: Numa Numa Misunderstood.
5th-May-2008 03:08 pm - Misunderstood

ohhhhhh i laughed so hard, i nearly cried.
This is where I work, now I am the JNet Girl


go and rate it 5 stars!
A friend sent this to Cole and me about 5 seconds after we got home and opened our laptops. I laughed for a solid hour following it. Especially after having to call my sister at 11:30 at night just to laugh incoherent breathy gargles at her. I only recently calmed down:

It's pretty Ricky with Late Night Special.
yeah, I have no idea what that means either...

12th-Apr-2008 09:23 pm(no subject)

Because Rachel suggest it...

Polish Rap
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